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Easily manage the plasma desmear process without the time-consuming weight measurements

This is a label-shaped indicator capable of being affixed for use in plasma desmearing of printed wiring board via hole structures.
It has compatibility with the O₂+CF-based mixed gases often used in plasma desmear. It can also be used for high-intensity plasma processes involving high output power levels and extensive durations, whereas other products in the PLAZMARK™ lineup would exceed the maximum range. Due to its flexibility, this product can be affixed upon a flexible substrate and transported by roll-to-roll plasma desmear equipment.

Easily manage the plasma desmear process without the time-consuming weight measurements

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  • High Sensitivity Type No. 61 (Red): For mild desmear processes
    Low Sensitivity Type No. 62 (Blue): For high power desmear processes

  • High Sensitivity Type No. 61 (Red): For mild desmear processes

Color Change

Parallel-plate RF plasma equipment: O₂ + CF gas (mixing ratio 10:1), 25 Pa, 100 W

  • Comparison of sensitivity
  • Correlation between color difference and polyimide etching amount

* Single-sided FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Laminate) used, taken as 80 x 80 mm test piece calculated by weight measurement method based on precision balancing.


PLAZMARK™ for Desmear

Sensitivity Type No.61 (Red)
High Sensitivity
No.62 (Blue)
Low Sensitivity
Series PLAZMARK™ for Desmear
Shape Label (Affixable)
Heat Resistance 100℃
Structure Substrate: Composite material obtained by laminating aluminum foil and polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Color Change Part: Organic Colorants
Backing Film: PET
Size Substrate (Color Change Part):
Backing film: 90mm×161mm×0.1mm
* 30 labels/ sheet of backing film
Quantity/Pack 120 pcs
Processing Gases O₂+CF4 etc.
Product No. PLL0102-61 PLL0102-62

* Note regarding sensitivity categories: Series with smaller number values feature higher sensitivity products, meaning color change occurs under plasma processes of lower output power and shorter duration. Larger or smaller numbers within a given series have no correlation to sensitivity level.

The specifications and appearance of our products are subject to change without notice due to our efforts toward continuous improvement. Differences may be found between the color of the products portrayed in our promotional materials and the color of actual products, related to variances in photographing technique or the printing ink being used.
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PLAZMARK™ is a registered trademark in Japan, the E.U., the U.S., and other countries.